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Presentation to ACHP plc AGM 26 Jun 2019

Form of Proxy AGM June 2019

Notice of AGM June 2019

Annual Report & Accounts Dec 2019

Notice of Interim Dividend

Presentation to ACHP plc AGM 26Jun18

Result of the AGM 26Jun18

AGM Final Proxy Figures 26Jun18

Notice of General Meeting 06 February 2017
AGM Notice 2016 Final
Pro Global Plc Final Accounts 2016
Pro Global Strategy Update AGM June 2016

Pro Global Plc Consolidated Interim Report and Accounts June 2016

Pro Global plc Final Accounts Dec 2015
Pro Global plc Interim Accounts June 2015
Pro Strategy Update - AGM June 2015
Pro Global Annual General Meeting Notice and Proxy Vote Form 2015
Pro Global plc Consolidated Accounts 2014
Pro plc 2014 interim results
CEO Presentation of "Client First" Strategy at AGM 19 June 2014
Notice of General Meeting 10 January 2014
Form Proxy - General Meeting to be held 10 January 2014
Pro Global AGM Notice and Proxy Voting Form 2014
Tawa Annual report 2013

Schedule of Matters Reserved for the Board

Tawa plc Interim Results 2013
AGM Notice and Proxy Form 2013
Tawa plc Annual Report 2012
AGM Notice and 2012 Proxy Form
Tawa plc Interim Report 2012

Announcement of Formal Sale Process 11 September 2012

Tawa plc Annual Report 2011

AGM Notice and Proxy Form 2011

Tawa plc Annual Report 2010

Tawa plc Interim Report 2011

Tawa plc Interim Report 2010

AGM Notice and Proxy Card 2010

Tawa plc Annual Report 2009

AGM Notice and Proxy Card 2009

Tawa Plc Annual Report 2008

Memorandum and Articles of Association June 2009

Tawa plc Interim Report 2009

Posting of Accounts and Notice of AGM 25 May 2017

Notice of EGM 27 November 2007

Audit Committee Terms of Reference June 2007

Results of AGM June 2017

Tawa PLC Admission Document July 2007

ACHP plc Interim Accounts June 2017

Notice of AGM 1 June 2018

Tawa plc Interim Report 2008

2008 AGM Notice & Proxy Form

Tawa plc Annual Report 2007

Tawa plc Interim Report 2007

Tawa UK Ltd Accounts December 2006

Advisory Board Terms of Reference June 2012

ACHP plc Reports and Accounts 31 December 2017

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